District 34 is one of 51 RTOERO districts from across Canada. Since 1968 RTOERO has been the official voice and only organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of members of the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, OMERS and other pension plans.

District 34 welcomes retirees who worked in any educational facility or institute. These include teachers, administrators, support workers, administrative assistants, custodial workers and more. The District 34 membership of nearly 4,000 consists of retirees who worked in schools in the Public, Catholic, French and Private sectors as well as in colleges and universities.

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District 34 York Region 1985 – 2022

RTOERO District 34 Yearly Executive Council


Members and growing

District 34 York Region President

Robert Sandiford

District 34 York Region Executive

Name Role Email
Robert Sandiford President
David Szollosy First Vice-President
Paul Devlin Second Vice-President
Angela Stewart Secretary
Daniel Reynolds Treasurer
Lori MacDonald-Blundon Member Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Tobin Goodwill Rep
Chris Prefontaine Newsletter Editor
Susan Leppington Health Benefits Representative
David Szollosy PAC Rep
Chris Prefontaine Web Master
Robert Sandiford Corporate Member 1
David Szollosy Corporate Member 2
Jose Fernandes Alternate 1
Paul Devlin Alternate 2
Regine Baker Community Grant Rep
John Pickett RPW Organizer

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