Deceased Members

Oct 22, 2022

It is with great sorrow that we have learned of the passing of the following members of District 34. To their families, we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Only the most recent member names are included in the list which we receive from National Office before printing the latest issue of The 34th Story.

Barbara Beale
Stewart Cole
Helen Cowie
Christine Cuthbert Hunt
Alfred Dancyger
Fred Davidson
Rosario DeHenestrosa
M. M. Domina
Harvey Ecker
Marion Ellis
Mary Frizzell
Victor Goodman
Muriel Hackett
Ellen Halvorsen
William Higgins
Dominica Liu
Terrence Lunau
Angus MacLennan
Allan McDermott
JoAnn McNamara
Sharon Mein
Diane Patterson
Grace Payne
Frederick J. Philip
Jose Richter
Kenneth PaulStanbury
Dorothy Street
D Joyce Westlake