Deceased Members

Oct 22, 2022

It is with great sorrow that we have learned of the passing of the following members of District 34. To their families, we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Only the most recent member names are included in the list which we receive from National Office before printing the latest issue of The 34th Story.

Patricia A Daley
William Dies
Margaret Dummitt
Mary Fedy
Janet Garden
Margriet Haarsma
Shelagh Harris
Jay Hooper
Werner Jurgeneit
Florence Lewis
Beverly Long
Shirley Mason
Margaret Masterson
Patricia McDonald
Linda McKinney
Stanley Myers
Mary Neundorf
William Oliver
Bettyanne Pajot
Russell Pawlin
Shirley Pike
Geraldine Riddell
Sandra Rose
Rosalie Schwartz
Betty Stanley
Mary Vautour
Cynthia Wheeler
Barbara Wideman
Mylena Woloszczu