The President’s Fall Message

Oct 22, 2022

I hope everyone is enjoying the many outside activities which our summer weather provides.
I would like to welcome our newly retired members to RTOERO District 34. You have all worked hard throughout your careers and now it’s time to relax and kick back or try new things and enjoy your life. Please read through our magazine so you can join other members in activities organized and offered to you throughout the year. We also try to provide interesting and current articles pertaining to full enjoyment of your retirement years.

I would like to once again take this opportunity to thank our Executive of 2022-2023 for all their efforts on your behalf over the last few months. Their work has led to many successful events and activities. They continue to represent your concerns to RTOERO for better insurance coverage and general interests.

As we take the summer off, they are planning even more activities for the up coming fall months and throughout 2023-2024.

Occasionally if we find information that we think you would be interested in we will send that out through an email to all our 4,200 members. These email blasts are to keep you informed about activities, useful data we may have gathered, or enjoyable workshops being offered by RTOERO and other outside agencies.

The National office does have your email address, however for monthly District 34 reminders we need you to give us permission to send you event reminders. If you aren’t already receiving email reminders and you wish to start getting them, please contact Angela Stewart at [email protected] to let her know.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank two of our executive members who will not be returning in the fall, Elaine Adam and Susan Leppington.

Elaine has been a dedicated member of the executive for 14 years and most recently was our Foundation and Political action representative, a job which she handled with great skill and enthusiasm. She has been active in supporting many committees and events every year. Her trivia events were especially appreciated and most recently our first participation in the York Region Pride Parade.

Susan was on the executive for 18 years and most recently was our benefits representative. Her perspective of where we were and where we are going was a huge asset to the executive. Her understanding and participation in discussions around our benefits through Johnson Insurance has made sure we had the best group benefits package. Both of their voices will be missed on future year’s executive.

Our current executive will continue to look for activities that will appeal to the wide interests of our members. We enjoy organizing events and representing your interests with the RTOERO insurance plan at the national table. If you have ideas, please share them with us through emails.

On behalf of the executive, I wish you a safe, healthy and enjoyable fall. And please, enjoy this month’s 34th Story.