Welcome New Members

Oct 22, 2022

Since our January 2024 newsletter was printed, the national office has informed us that the following have become members of RTOERO and have indicated their wish to be affiliated with District 34 – York Region. Information which is received after we go to print will be included in the next newsletter.

Margaret Buckworth
Suelyn Cheong
Susan Clubine
Tracey Davies
Richard Fedy
Mariann Frappambino
Stephanie Gilbart
Donna Gorber
Carol Hacker
Emanuela Jackson
Anna Maria Jurgeneit
Dulcie Linton
Sandra Linton
Paul McMahon
Gayle Mercurio
Mary Miraglia
Leona Pawlin
Zelia Roberto
Stephen Schwartz
Heather Sears
Elisa Shiffman
Margaret Spence
Georgina Tassopoulos