The President’s Spring Message

Oct 22, 2022

It’s funny how time flies faster the older you get. It’s hard to believe we just passed the 60th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America; I clearly remember them appearing on the Ed Sullivan show. However, we continue down our own “long and winding road” working toward new goals, reaching exciting milestones in our retirement such as traveling abroad, catching up with old friends, volunteering, learning new skills and spending more time with family… experiences that were put on hold while we worked. I encourage you to go on a Magical Mystery Tour of our website to see all the privileges you have through your membership in RTO.

One of the activities I have explored in retirement is riding bikes. There are many interesting trails in York Region where you can ride or hike, enjoy the beauty of nature and get great exercise. The Nokidaa Trail in Newmarket is a great ride for all skill levels, it follows along the East Holland River going north to Bradford and south past Fairy Lake into Richmond Hill. Rouge Valley National Park in Markham has beautiful trails that take you through some of Ontario’s finest farmland. Other trails to be enjoyed throughout Ontario include Tottenham Rail Trail (make sure to stop at Four Corners Bakery for cappuccino & a pastry), Uxbridge to Lindsay Rail Trail (peddle through vast marshlands), Saugeen Rail Trail (with incredible views of Lake Huron between Port Elgin and Southhampton), and the Old Railway Bike Trail in Algonquin Park (you may even see a moose or two!). Most of the trails mentioned are require a moderate skill level, rail trails tend to be flat.

Our past president Jose Fernandes has started the process of gathering names for the new executive. Please consider putting your name forward for the 2024-2025 year. If you want to participate in other ways like starting a new activity, such as an interesting trip, or if you have any other thoughts, please feel free to contact our executive.

On behalf of the executive, and all individuals who organize the many activities offered to members, we hope you have a safe, active, and enjoyable spring. We hope to see you at one of our events!

“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”